Monday, January 25, 2010


I am writing for Demand Studios. The pay is not great but the writing gigs are steady and the assignments have a quick turnaround. The jobs are also something that I can do in whatever time margins I can grab because the incompetent Canadian school system has still not allowed my formerly home-schooled daughter to go full-time to classes. I,perhaps, should start billing those poor apologies for educational administration the time I have lost to their halting and stalling tactics. The school administration has choked my writing career and created a great amount of hassle and stress for my daughter and my family.
However, the gigs work for me because I am able to write about any subject that I choose. I like the flexibility in subject matter. This is not to write that the school administrators have given me any favours in their reluctance to provide my daughter with an education, but I can make the most of what little time I can manage.
I have stopped looking at job boards. Employers using these job boards too often want some poor and desperate worker with insignificant knowledge of the English language who will write for two cents or less a page in a search optimization content mill. Quality matters in writing and I do not pity those who hire substandard labourers.

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Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year! I have started 2010 with revision work on my second novel. The first is finished and under wraps. I have also gained some writing and editing gigs that pay (not a helluva lot of) money!

I am looking forward to the new decade with child number two full time in school and child number one a year away from finishing high school. I will have more time to dream and to write. However, being close to an emptier nest is somewhat disconcerting, but why do parents exist save for to give their children wings? The freedom will have salutary effects for all concerned but it is sad nonetheless.

I am anticipating the new year and new decade with mixed hopes and apprehensions.

I'll keep you posted. TWH

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