Wednesday, February 20, 2013


UPDATE: 2/2/14

1.Mary hooking up with Branson. Please. The Matthew replacement that Fellowes is considering is not as much of a hunk as Branson and I doubt Tom Ellis has the pecs to out flex Allen Leech. The newbie would not even interest Barrow if served up on a silver platter buck naked except for a strategically placed fig leaf.

Oh, please, don't tease us anymore. Mary and Tom make the perfect couple with their cute kids and tragic back stories of actors who took a bunk faster than Edith's German-loving suitor.

2.A baby for Anna and Bates. Get cracking because it's about time after the long imprisonment story. They're happy but a baby would complete the picture. By the way, tough, Robert and Mary can dress themselves.

Poor Anna. We hope that Bates has the sense not to pursue her attacker so he doesn't end up on a date with Pierrepoint.

3.Edith finding someone who is not old, married or gay. Maybe Jimmy falls into her lap unless he, in Thomas' fantasies, is a closeted pillow-biter. Or, perhaps, Edith needs to find the woman of her dreams because she is not having any luck with the opposite sex. 

It looks like Edith's latest dance tune is going to be "Papa, Don't Preach". Somehow, it was always hard for us to imagine her getting preggers the old-fashioned way and being a married mum.

4.O'Brien leaving for India to be part of Shrimpy's entourage and encountering an unfortunate end. Can we please get rid of her in a very nasty way? How hard would it be to film an elephant stampede on a backlot?

Yay, she's gone! Where's the elephant?

5.The return of Ethel Parks, maybe with a client list just to spice things up a bit around the Abbey.

We, instead, got Braithwaite who left Downton in quite a hurry. Good riddance,"manipulative little witch". You were more of a whore than Ethel.

6.Rose and Jimmy? That would knock the socks off her uptight mother. Shagging the second footman and eloping...Won't Violet have something to say about this!

Rose, go for the jazz brother. Don't listen to your aunt Rosamund. She's just sour grapes over being jilted for her lady's maid.

7.Sybil Jr. and Charlie growing up together and getting married. Watch your blood pressure, Robert!

Sorry, my lord has already carked it over Edith's delicate condition.

8.Violet outliving everyone in the Abbey. It would be great to see Maggie Smith having the last word because she does that so very well.

 I do so love her spatting with Mrs. Crawley. They could go on the stage together. 'What is a stage? Is it like a weekend?'

9.Mosley ending up in the Malmsey butt. He's just not funny, even drunk.

Timing, it's what gets you the job. I think the term hapless describes him.

10.The last and most important wish for the series is that Thomas Barrow has a holiday in London so he can spec out some of the "pansy clubs" and meet the man/tran of his dreams. Putting an advert in the Link magazine for him is the kindest thing Mrs. Hughes could do for this under butler of unusual temperament. Wouldn't he enjoy a place where he could listen to Sam Lanin's Famous Players,'"The Man I Love" while dancing with a lithe someone of his own persuasion? 

No person of Barrow's inclination on the horizon but lots of male eye-candy hanging around Mary. The job does have perks.

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