Monday, May 12, 2014


Feels Scorecard....Okay, RumpBelle is official and Belle's daddy approves! They're happy, at least for the moment. Next on the romantic leader board: Emma and Hook, after going on a journey, a journey back in time, are finely a pair...of idiots! It seems that Emma has her mother's curse of meaning well, but not doing well by being kind-hearted and rescuing a prisoner slated for execution. What did you say your name was? Maid What? From Sherwood where? Oh... No more canoodling for the Evil Queen because things got sort of complicated on the relationship front. Almost would make anyone wish for winged monkeys. Meanwhile, Emma brought something or someone else back from the Enchanted Forest and it's going to get very cold in Storybrooke and not just for the Evil Queen's Regina.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


The Wicked Witch is dead...or is she? What was that green haze emitting from the jail cell after Rumple smashed the big Z to bits?  Nothing seems to stop the Green Meanie, not even a bucket of water from Miss Gale of Kansas. Only one episode of Dorothy? Baum would have been disappointed at his character being just a plot twist. 

Another big question for OUAT, on the eve of the season finale, is the off-again romance between Emma and Hook due to the savior's loss of magic powers through a kiss of life to save the drowning pirate. David is going to be soooo angry that Emma saved Killian, especially when her loss of the magic powers endangered his newborn son by damaging the magic force field. Emma's got some 'splaining to do to Henry's uncle when the baby grows up. OUAT relationships are becoming more convoluted with new family members of all types, because it's officially RumpBelle. The characters are getting married! Las Vegas? What are the odds that Regina will be an officiant to the Dark Lord and his sweetie? Yes,  we know that we're being set up for Belle's disappointment and ongoing line in the series, "I trusted you!" that she drags out after Mr. Gold has pulled out a heart, turned a threat to glass, or otherwise slaughtered someone. Watch the Lady, Belle or you might miss something in Season 4!