Sunday, April 6, 2014


Poor Bae, and poor Regina. Poor Emma and Henry. Poor Robin Hood. Bartender, a little bit of the night root please. This was a depressing episode.

The question is who really did in Baelfire? Was it sacrificing himself? Did Hook get his you-know-what into Bae when he gave his rival for Emma's affections a "brotherly" hug in the hospital? Did our favorite pirate backstab him with the hand cleaver? Or did he slip Neal a mickey (not mouse), to sedate him before he did a strange transformation in the forest? Is Bae really dead?

And now for Regina. Girl, you have got to get over yourself.  He's hot, you're hot. Light a fire. It might be an excuse for Emma to throw water in your direction and take out Zelena. The next episode should answer some burning questions in the Wicked west showdown of the season.