Monday, February 10, 2014


UPDATE: 2/10/14

1.Mary hooking up with Branson.

Pigs. Tom has met someone. A fellow radical but no great looker or dresser. And Mary has fallen for the new land agent, Charles...but wait, Lord Gillingham has returned! 

2.A baby for Anna and Bates. 

Poor Anna. Mr. Green is back again. And Bates knows her secret. Advice: Mr. Green better hide his gonads or Mrs. Hughes is going for the carving knife. Rocky Mountain oysters are on the dinner menu tonight, Mrs. Patmore!

3.Edith finding someone who is not old, married or gay.

Poor Edith. Having the baby is the best way when your fiance has flown the coop and it will be your one shot at happiness. At least, there's someone in the nursery at the end of the day.

4. O'Brian and Braithwaite are gone.

Baxter (can the writer use anything but "B" names or is he trying to to tell us something about lady's maids and female dogs?) needs to understand that she is skirting the edge of Mrs. Hughes' patient and could be on the same platter as Mr. Green.


Rose is needs to be a little less bubble and more earth. Her relationship with Jack Ross is lovely but on perilous ground for that era. Let's hope it won't end tragically.

8.Violet outliving everyone in the Abbey. It would be great to see Maggie Smith having the last word because she does that so very well.

Oh goody! She did not die, yet. Her Ladyship couldn't be deathly ill, because neither heaven nor hell would take the Duchess. And she's bonding with Mrs. Crawley. Awww, it's like looking at sleeping kittens.

10.The last and most important wish for the series is that Thomas Barrow has a holiday in London so he can spec out some of the "pansy clubs" and meet the man/tran of his dreams. Putting an advert in the Link magazine for him is the kindest thing Mrs. Hughes could do for this under butler of unusual temperament. Wouldn't he enjoy a place where he could listen to Sam Lanin's Famous Players,'"The Man I Love" while dancing with a lithe someone of his own persuasion? 

America. Handsome stewards on the ship. Gay clubs in New York. Yum.

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