Sunday, March 23, 2014


Prince Charming  is having new daddy anxieties in both the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, a problem that manifests in nightmares. He starts to hit the booze but is interrupted by an encounter in the stables with Robin Hood. And why is he there? To assess the Charmings' horse flesh for re-sale purposes? After a buddy 'thanks man' moment over brew, the Prince decides to go after another picker-upper in the form of a "night root". In the haunted forest, next to the magic mushrooms.

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Emma and the others are searching for the Wicked Witch. Zelena has her own plans, such as stealing the night root from Rumple's shop to make a magic potion to take David's courage. Hmm, it's becoming less OUAT and more AA, with the plethora of souse and substances to occupy Storybrooke's characters.Yes, we are talking about you, Regina and Robin Hood. Whiskey is not the magic potion as it is advertised, notwithstanding you were so close. It's not the tattoo that's off-putting, it's the venison scent from raiding your forests without results for either one of you. All the lush, however, doesn't stop Charming from rescuing faint-hearted maiden from yon, muscaria amanita -shaped, tower. Perhaps being a hero again will clear David's head and make him think twice about tipping a bottle.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Well, dearies, there were a lot of surprises in this episode. The green-skinned witch, Zelena, had a big reveal for Regina when they met. Hey, we're related! Regina was not so impressed with the news and her response was, yeah, bring it if you're going to war with me.  My bet is on the Evil Queen because she grew up with her doggess mother and had Rumple for a tutor in the Dark Arts. Sissy dearest had just Rumple. Plus, Regina has hunk and handsome in Robin Hood and Zelena only has flying monkeys. Try to keep your witch's unmentionables warm at night with those things!

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, no one remembers how they got there or how Snow White got knocked up. Poor David will have to take it on faith that it was good. And his memory is one of the things missing in Storybrooke. People are disappearing and with the rash of people turning into flying monkeys, Dr. Whale needs to go to vet school.  Regina and Emma play Nancy Drew to flush out the wrongdoer and, in the meantime, start a tentative friendship. But how long will this last with the return of a key character?

Sunday, March 9, 2014


THW is excited about the newest season of OUAT. When we last left Storybrooke, there were some tragic and amazing, mostly tragic, turn of events for our cast. Rumpbelle fans were heartbroken to see how the Dark One's lady love is now suddenly and horribly single after patching up her relationship with Mr. Gold. Poor Neal, on the other hand,  is not only fatherless, he is also Henry-less and Emma-less. The latter is not Hook's fault,and not by the yard he would have liked to hang his rival on to twist in the wind. Regina is Henry-less, but she,to her dismay,is also Emma-less with her rival taking Henry to New York.

Emma during all this is memory-less, as is Henry, and even a surprise buss on the lips from Hook returning to our world has failed to jog her amnesia. What they say about pirates and women must not be true. The new season promises new alliances, breakups, hopes, and heartaches and THW will be reporting on each twist and turn in plot.