Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This article is for those who found the recent episode of Downton Abbey about sexual assault to be offensive to their sensibilities.

Grow up, and then talk to your daughters and other important female people in your life about rape.

Let them know you will be there for them if someone sexually assaults them.

Don't hide in your self-centered pity-pot of armchair viewership and bemoan that your feelings are hurt from Julian Fellowes' fictional depiction.

This type of assault happens to real women, irregardless of age or class, every day of the year.

Let the female people in your life know they can be brave and tell a caring person in their lives.

Be a caring person in a victim's life. Help her go through the often intimidating medical and legal process of reporting a rape.

More importantly, let those you love know that they should not be ashamed of themselves when they are victims of this type of assault.

Please remember: Rape isn't about sex, it's a crime.

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