Monday, February 24, 2014


UPDATE: 2/23/14


1.Mary hooking up with Branson.

Golly, Charles Blake is a toff! With a baronetcy and one of the largest estates in Ulster! And a home invader for Prince and Country!  He should have fun conversations with Branson. We're beginning to like this guy because he has criminal tendencies for the right, although short-lived, reasons for saving Prince Eddie's bacon. Meanwhile, is Branson getting cozy with Edith after being caught in a dubious castle tour with what's-her-name-schoolteacher from the village? Michael, come home. Edith may not know it, but she's on the market!

2.Anna and Bates. 

Bates, what else did they teach you while you were in the pen? Is fancy handwriting and pilfering the extent of your criminal talents? Yes, you saved the royal bacon by forging the note as well as doing a little five-finger discount in Sampson's coat pocket, but will His Lordship allow you near the silverware again? 

3.Edith finding someone who is not old, married or gay.

Poor Edith. The baby girl is with another family but that's  not going to stop our regal Brenda Starr,from being with the child, and her mystery man. World War II is on the horizon, in 1923, with mention of Michael being beat up by a group of Brown Shirts. However, nothing can thwart someone who has already survived Switzerland with Rosamund. Grab your black orchid, ace reporter, and go find your Basil!


Baxter and Mosley?! Who would have thought? It's sweet. They are as warm together as Mrs. Hughes and Carson holding hands and walking into the waves at the beach. Fight for her, Mosley! Give Thomas hell because he deserves it!


Rose has somewhat redeemed herself for Prince and Country with her failed attempt at retrieving the scandalous letter, but we're still glad she got hers.

8.Violet outliving everyone in the Abbey. It would be great to see Maggie Smith having the last word because she does that so very well.

The Dowager may not have the last word over Mrs. Levinson. After all, being an American is only one of Mrs. Levinson's lives.


Barrow really needs a boyfriend  to occupy him. Does he have a thing for Branson or is it just jealousy of his moving up in the world? Seriously, Thomas needs "it" more than Lady Mary.

DEPARTURES: Goodbye Alfred, now a chef at the Ritz. We wish you luck! Goodbye Ivy, going to America as an English cook. Have fun, although Daisy is better! And still single, Alfred! Good riddance, Mr. Green and bon voyage to incriminating tickets in Bates' overcoat. Lord Grantham does not need to know about this, thanks to Mary and a convenient fireplace!

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