Sunday, March 1, 2015

In Defense of Captain Kirk


   The death of Leonard Nimoy was tragic for "Star Trek" fans everywhere. His fans, his friends, and his family are feeling grief from his passing. This is not the time to take petty potshots at those who mourn a major figure in the sci-fi, artistic, and entertainment communities. However, one news outlet, the NY Daily News decided to take issue with William Shatner, best known as Captain Kirk in the "Star Trek" series, because he could not attend his friend's funeral in California. Why could he not attend? Because he was involved in a Red Cross fundraiser in Florida

   Just think about that for a moment. Here is someone who has given his time and energy to raise money for a charity that helps people, regardless of nationality or race, who are suffering from disasters; whether it is an earthquake, or a tsunami, or the ravages of war devastating people with homelessness, lack of emergency medical care, and torn apart lives. Wasn't it the heart and soul of the "Star Trek" series to bring greater humanity to Earth's mission in exploring the galaxy, and is not William Shatner continuing this legacy in deciding to stay with the Red Cross fundraiser? For me, as a fan of "Star Trek" and as someone who mourns the passing of Leonard Nimoy, it was the right decision. 

William Shatner, Captain Kirk, you have kept the faith. Live long and prosper.