Sunday, March 25, 2007


I read that Ray Ozzie has called Google "the command line of the Internet" in comparison to Microsoft's As a reviewer of tools for writers,I decided to take each for a spin.

Using the key word "fairy", Google came up with 31,200,000 entries for a search and 718,000 for images with a strict safe search. came up with 16,536,053 results in search and 510,604 in images. In terms of flexibility, Google has easier search perimeters if one wants to search for black and white, or colour, or grayscale images. does not have the same focused search. Furthermore, has a scrolling bar that is clunky to use. There is a feature of dragging and saving to a scratch board but I usually save the images to my hard drive and use Picasa web albums or copy and e-mail the images.

In results for fairy related books, I obtained 9,353 results. In Google,3073. I still had to deal with the scrolling bar which is annoying.

In the final analysis, Google gets the thumbs up. For, Alt, Delete.

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