Saturday, February 13, 2010


I truly would have not missed this birthday but I have been a little out of touch with the bare necessities of reality. However, the situation is not as if I am trying to remember all the birthdays of my mother's fifteen grandchildren. I do well to recall the anniversaries of the couple I gave birth to, and not the ten that are my biological nieces,nephews, and the five steps. My mother is an ex-Catholic. Enough said.
Where was I? I have recently been on medication for ear troubles and I tend to do ditsy things when off my usual sobriety like putting my computer into a coma because I was fooling around with the package manager on Ubuntu and scragged the OS kernel. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth and calling aforementioned mother on the telephone and saying that I wanted to end it all and my life, which involves being tied to the tenuous fickleness of a damn box, was not worth living. Woe is me.
Much thanks to my very patient spousal person who fixed the computer and retrieved my various documents. Lady Fortuna beguiles me once more, but I now know better than to trust that dirty bitch and to check the dependencies in the package manager one last time before hitting the "Apply" button.

So.....I am sorry to be late by a day but happy birthday to writer Andrei Codrescu.

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