Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Call to Stand Down

The Senate passed, according to the Christian Science Monitor, The National Defense Authorization Act that  covers  $662 billion in defense spending. The bill includes a provision that will strip American citizens of right to trial, and subject them to indefinite detention if the government considers them terrorists. This detention applies also to United States citizens who the government arrests on American soil. Essentially, the bill makes America a part of the battlefield against terrorism and makes every United States citizen a terrorist suspect. This takes away the rights the Constitution guarantees such as the freedom of speech that every writer cherishes. The Senate passed Bill 1867 by a vote of 93 to 7. However, President Obama has said that he will veto the bill.

Good. Let us as authors, citizens and voters keep  the waffler to his word. Bill 1867 and the National Defense Authorization Act is an issue in the presidential campaign. President Obama should give the bill an ignominious death in veto, or face former allies who will not turn out to support him. The 99% should be screaming from the streets that they will stay away from the polls and leave President Obama hoisted on this nasty and volatile petard come Election Day unless he protects the civil liberties and rights of American citizens by vetoing Bill 1867.

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