Saturday, February 22, 2014


Season Finale This Sunday!

UPDATE: 2/13/14

Note:Post Delayed Due to Flu 

1.Mary hooking up with Branson.

The fellow radical met cute with Branson is still no great looker or dresser. In the meantime, we are tortured with a slow pissing match between Charles and Lord Gillingham who look too alike to be serious contenders. It's the Bobbsey Twins at Downton Abbey!

2.Anna and Bates. 

Poor Anna. Yay! Mr. Green is dead. Serve the Rocky Mountain oysters, Mrs. Patmore! There is, however, some mystery about his unlamented demise. Run over by a lorry, the culprit probably the ghosts of  Downton actors past.  But wait, what has Bates been up to in the meantime? Was he seeing a man about a horse in Yorkshire or is he a vengeful killer? How can we be sure this guy lives in a cottage and not a motel? It's mash-up time, but not just for the late and now decaying Green, with the Abbey looking more like Midsommer Murders or an episode of Sherlock. Where, oh, where is Benedict Cumberbatch when you need him?

3.Edith finding someone who is not old, married or gay.

Poor Edith. She is taking a sojourn with Rosamund to the Swiss Alps to, um, improve her French. No one should go through hell like that for a fictional unplanned pregnancy. My dear, if you waited around long enough, there's always the Adoption of Children Act in 1926 that will allow you to adopt your own child and legitimize him or her.


Baxter and Mosley?! Who would have thought?  It's sweet.


Rose, you bitch. Jack Ross deserves someone better than a racist who used a black to get back at Mummsie Dearest. We were glad to see your face crumble when you got the "Dear Joan" letter from a decent man.

8.Violet outliving everyone in the Abbey. It would be great to see Maggie Smith having the last word because she does that so very well.

The Dowager would make a great prosecuting attorney with the way she cross-examined Edith and Rosamund about their Swiss self-improvement course. Her next vict...project should be Bates. Oh, and isn't she giving the knowing look to Isobel when the man-friend sent the Mrs. Crawley flowers? Dr. Clarkson should contemplate doing unnecessary surgery to take out the new rival. Where is John Nettles or Neil Dudgeon when you need them?

10.The last and most important wish for the series is that Thomas Barrow has a holiday in London so he can spec out some of the "pansy clubs" and meet the man/tran of his dreams. Putting an advert in the Link magazine for him is the kindest thing Mrs. Hughes could do for this under butler of unusual temperament. Wouldn't he enjoy a place where he could listen to Sam Lanin's Famous Players,'"The Man I Love" while dancing with a lithe someone of his own persuasion? 

Well, it seems that our favorite gay under-butler had a modern time in America. Very modern time.

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