Saturday, February 8, 2014


UPDATE: 2/10/14

1.Mary hooking up with Branson.

Fellowes has added yet another red-in-the-face herring for Mary to be miserable over while Tom has said something to the effect that it is unlikely that another earl's daughter could love him. PLEASE don't tease us with heavy foreshadowing! We all know where this is going...hopefully!

2.A baby for Anna and Bates. 

Poor Anna. It looks like she can't be a mum, but thank goodness it wasn't a Mr.Green baby.

3.Edith finding someone who is not old, married or gay.

Poor Edith. Any man that she falls in love with won't stick around or there is some other disaster to alter her path to the altar.

4. O'Brian and Braithwaite are gone.

The current lady's maid situation is just as bad as with Braithwaite and O'Brien. Cora should learn to dress herself for dinner.

6.Rose and Jimmy?

Rose is going  for the jazz brother. I hope Rosamund learns to take that medicine. Meanwhile, Jimmy is learning the meaning of "No!" from Ivy. I can't see that relationship going anywhere. Teach him to S.I.N.G, Ivy!

7.Sybil Jr. and George.

Don't they look cute with their perfectly matched step-parents? And aren't they the lucky ones?

8.Violet outliving everyone in the Abbey. It would be great to see Maggie Smith having the last word because she does that so very well.

 I do so love her spatting with Mrs. Crawley. They could go on the stage together. 'What is a stage? Is it like a weekend?' The preview for this weekend makes me nervous. No, she can't be deathly ill, because neither heaven nor hell will take the Duchess.


Timing (and devious head housekeepers), it's what gets you the job. I still think the term hapless describes him.

10.The last and most important wish for the series is that Thomas Barrow has a holiday in London so he can spec out some of the "pansy clubs" and meet the man/tran of his dreams. Putting an advert in the Link magazine for him is the kindest thing Mrs. Hughes could do for this under butler of unusual temperament. Wouldn't he enjoy a place where he could listen to Sam Lanin's Famous Players,'"The Man I Love" while dancing with a lithe someone of his own persuasion? 

No person of Barrow's inclination on the horizon but lots of male eye-candy hanging around Mary. The job still does have perks. However, it's time to write in a man-hunk for our fave under butler.

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