Sunday, March 9, 2014


THW is excited about the newest season of OUAT. When we last left Storybrooke, there were some tragic and amazing, mostly tragic, turn of events for our cast. Rumpbelle fans were heartbroken to see how the Dark One's lady love is now suddenly and horribly single after patching up her relationship with Mr. Gold. Poor Neal, on the other hand,  is not only fatherless, he is also Henry-less and Emma-less. The latter is not Hook's fault,and not by the yard he would have liked to hang his rival on to twist in the wind. Regina is Henry-less, but she,to her dismay,is also Emma-less with her rival taking Henry to New York.

Emma during all this is memory-less, as is Henry, and even a surprise buss on the lips from Hook returning to our world has failed to jog her amnesia. What they say about pirates and women must not be true. The new season promises new alliances, breakups, hopes, and heartaches and THW will be reporting on each twist and turn in plot.

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